Top 8 Maltipoo Breeders in Colorado

Maltipoo is not a pure breed but an exquisite cross between Maltese and intelligent Poodle breed dogs. They are considered a toy breed. Both Maltese and Poodles are hypoallergenic dog breeds. Thus, Maltipoo puppies are wonderful pets for people who’re allergic to dogs. 

Maltipoo is intelligent, lovely, and playful fur-balls. They are one of the most affectionate dog breeds that emotionally attach themselves to their companion. They always like to be in the human presence; thus, leaving them alone for a long period is not advisable. 

If you’re looking for a friendly creature, snuggle-pal, and a hypoallergenic dog breed, Maltipoos can be your best choice. Also, they’re very easy to train and are highly intelligent. Unlike some dog breeds, they like to please their owners. 

They are kids friendly and can behave well with other pets too. They are not heavy shedders but shed a little, and they might need regular maintenance for their coat which can be expensive. They are easy to train and can do a tricky performance with positive enforcement training. Thus these pets can be adopted by novice pet owners. 

Despite their small appearance and friendly face, they can be loud barkers. If trained properly, they can make perfect watchdogs. They are very alert, and one should train these dogs to discriminate situations. Or else, they will pick up continuous barking, which will become a nuisance. 

Amazing Fact: Dogs can bark for hours before they get tired. 

These puppies are in high demand, and hence many Puppy Mills are producing low-quality puppies, which they generally abuse. It is crucial to adopt your puppy from a trusted and reliable breeder who invests their time to shape their temperament and personality. We have made this list to help you find the most dedicated and ethical Maltipoo Breeder in Colorado who offers top-tier puppies. 

1. Green Family Kennel

Maltipoo Breeders in Colorado

Green Family Kennel was established by a professional breeder family in 2003. These puppies are carefully bred under optimal conditions and provided with adequate nutrition supplements. And also, these puppies are handled and spoiled by their six children to socialize them. 

These Maltipoo puppies are raised along with a hug-variety of dog breeds. The puppies are regularly vaccinated and de-wormed. Additionally, they also come with a registered microchip. The AKC has been regularly investigating their kennel to ensure they meet AKC compliance standards. 

Green Family Kennel Information

2. Precious Pocket Pups

This breeder has been breeding toy and miniature-sized puppies for more than 30 years. These are pure pedigrees with the Champion lineage. They are concerned about the puppies and the parent’s well-being, and thus they take every measure to ensure their mental and physical health. 

Each puppy is thoroughly checked by a professional vet soon after they’re born. And the parents are free of any hereditary diseases. These puppies are pre-spoiled to make an easy transition when they go to their new forever homes. 

Precious Pocket Pups Information

3. Colorado’s Finest Kennels and Ranch

This breeder breeds amazingly well-balanced dogs by combining exceptional good looks, excellent conformation, intelligence, and athleticism. Not only do they excel in their physical appearances, but they also have exceptional temperaments. They also raise other dog breeds like Bichon Frises and Cavachon puppies. Each puppy is bred from a healthy bloodline breeder dog; thus, they are very healthy. 

Colorado’s Finest Kennels and Ranch Information

  • Address: 905 Private Rd 112, Elizabeth, CO 80107
  • Phone: 303-358-7959
  • Website:

4. Farfel’s Farm and Resource

If you’re looking for unique and high-quality premium dogs, you’re in the right place. The breeder provides the dog with crate training, potty training, and basic obedience training. To add, these puppies will respond to you when you call their name when they get home. They train and socialize these puppies from an early age to be well-behaved in their new forever homes. 

These puppies are also desensitized to noise, grooming, and other various stimuli that might make them overreact. Also, these dogs receive Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) to make these puppies a comfortable social creature. 

Farfel’s Farm and Resource Information

5. TLC Kennel

The breeders behind TLC Kennel take seriously the respect they give to their dogs. They love and care for the pedigrees and puppies with them. TLC Kennel was first established in Eastern Colorado in 1983. Ever since then, all they have been doing is breeding top-tier healthy puppies because one thing that they can’t compromise is the quality of the puppy. 

The puppies are immunized and de-wormed, and a 6-month health guarantee is provided along with them. They’re among the few trusted breeders in Colorado who offer such quality puppies. 

TLC Kennel Information

6. Xanadu Dogs

Maltipoo Breeders in Colorado

Xanadu Dogs breeders are producing a wide variety of first-generation hybrid dogs. Since they’re the first generation, which means they are born between two pure breeds, they’re completely healthy and free of any hereditary diseases. The parent dogs have been tested for proper temperament and behaviors. Only dogs with excelling temperaments are bred to produce even better behaving puppies. 

Additionally, these puppies are tested for any infectious or congenital diseases, and they’ve offered to the owners only if they’re completely healthy. The puppies can be adopted once they’re eight weeks old. 

Xanadu Dogs Information

7. Cottonwood Puppies

This breeder is specialized in breeding toy-sized puppies. Not only do they offer Maltipoo puppies, but you can find a huge variety of miniature dog breeds. They commit themselves to providing a puppy with excelling temperament, behavior, and conformation. In short words, they offer one of the finest Maltipoos in all of the USA.  

Cottonwood Puppies Information

8. Colorado Toy Breed Rescue

Colorado Toy Breed Rescue is the right place if you’re looking to rescue a puppy. They rescue and foster these puppies until a new owner adopts them. They’re a non-profit organization created to help and rescue toy breed puppies. They also provide a microchip and a 5-way vaccination just for $30. 

Colorado Toy Breed Rescue Information

To Sum Up,

Maltipoos can be very affectionate and attached towards dedicated owners. They need nothing more than your attention and love. They’re also athletic and can make excellent watchdogs. Finding a good breeder who breeds top-grade Maltipoo puppies can be quite tiresome because of the increase in Puppy Mills and in-line breeders. To make your quest to find your new puppy a little easier, we have carefully handpicked each of these breeders and made you an exclusive list of the Top 8 Maltipoo Breeders in Colorado. 

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