15 Shih Tzu Breeders Breeders In Wisconsin (WI) | Moral & Loving Certified

Shih Tzu puppies are fun-loving, adorable, and friendly. These little souls are pure and sure to impress everyone around them.

But, if you’re already looking for Shih Tzu puppies for sale in Wisconsin, hold on.

Getting your dog from a reliable, moral, and loving breeder, is the most important thing to make sure of.

So, to help you do that, I did some research and found some of the best Shih Tzu breeders in Wisconsin.

You should still do your own due diligence with these, call and ask questions, read online reviews, etc. But this gives you a good starting point.

Meggy’s Shih Tzu’s Milwaukee, 53202, WI, USAmeggyshihtzus.webs.com
Wisconsin Puppy PatchW3605 Stoneybrook Rd, Chilton, 53014, WI, USAleroy@wisconsinpuppypatch.com 
Foxwood Kennels 2389 Little Rapids Rd, De Pere, 54115, WI, USAjesse@foxwoodkennels.com
Preppy Pups 8302 W. Lincoln Avenue, WI, USApreppypups@frontier.com
Simply Sweet Puppies343 Fetch Hill Ln, Birnamwood, WI, USAsimplysweetpuppies.com
Tiny Tykes Puppies2661 S Howell Ave. Milwaukee, 53207, WI, USAtinytykespuppies@yahoo.com 
Petland Racine 2310 S Green Bay Rd, Racine, 53406, WI, USA www.petlandracine.com
Willow Hills Lil Treasures Menomonie, WI, USAwww.willowhillsliltreasures.com
Glen Y Gors Gagnon Riordan Shih Tzus Randolph, Wisconsin, USAfacebook.com/pages/category/Pet-Breeder/Glan-Y-Gors-Shih-Tzus-379937385767877
Fantasy Shih Tzu Green Lake, WI, USAtzupower1@gmail.com
Chrishaun’s Paw PrintsWisconsin, USAmueller646@hotmail.com
DieterShihTzus.com Muscoda, 53573, WI, USAdietershihtzus2@hotmail.com
Sorenson’s Shih-Tzus 342, Wild Rose, 54984, WI, USAsorensonshihtzus@yahoo.com
Dossmar Shih Tzu Kewaskum, 54984, WI, USAdossmar334@gmail.com
Spring Green Pups Little Bear Rd, Spring Green, 53588, WI, USASpringGreenPups@gmail.com

Meggy’s Shih Tzu’s 

Meggy’s Shih Tzu’s is a renowned place in Wisconsin to find Shih Tzu puppies. Every dog from this breeder is of AKC standard and is grown under a soothing ambiance.

Every Shih Tzu puppy from this breeder is well-trained, vaccinated on time, and is sound in health. The dogs are litter certified and dewormed. The breeders maintain quality in breeding the dogs and that truly reflects in the dog’s behavior. 

For more information about the breeder, you can contact them or check their official website. 

Meggy’s Shih Tzu’s Breeder Information: 

  • Address: Milwaukee, 53202, WI, USA. 
  • Phone: +1 414-409-9122 
  • Email: not available 
  • Website: Meggy’s Shih Tzu’s 
  • Social Media: not available 
  • Price Range: $2500 

Wisconsin Puppy Patch 

They are state-licensed breeders and focus on small puppies appropriate for families. The owners have been with dogs for years, creating a clean, loving, and healthy environment for Shih Tzus.

Here, you can find purebred and designer dogs too. I found that these breeders are extremely particular about the dog’s temperament and train them for it. Every puppy from this breeder is well-socialized and healthy. 

For further information about the breeder, you can get in touch with the owners. 

Wisconsin Puppy Patch Breeder Information: 

Foxwood Kennels 

Starting way back from 1988, the breeders at Foxwood Kennels have years of experience in dog breeding. Shih Tzu puppies bred here are among the top-quality companions for every family.

I found that these breeders primarily focus on the dog’s health, structure, and temperament during their breeding.

Your purchase from here will include the dog’s health record, a year’s guarantee, housetraining and handling instructions, nearest Vet details, and more.

You can lay hands on AKC standard Shih Tzus here. 

Access the breeder’s website or contact them for more information. 

Foxwood Kennels Breeder Information: 

Preppy Pups 

Preppy Pups is among the best Shih Tzu breeders in Wisconsin with more than 40 years of breeding experience. They are licensed and have good knowledge about the breed.

I found that every Shih Tzu from here is vaccinated, dewormed, and gets regular Vet checkups. Declaws are also usually removed here. You can find purebred and designer puppies from these breeders.

Shih Tzus from here come with excellent temperament, health, and compatibility. 

For breeder-related information, you can schedule an appointment with Preppy Pups. 

Preppy Pups Breeder Information: 

Simply Sweet Puppies 

Simply Sweet Puppies in Wisconsin is where you need to go if you are looking for a composed and family-friendly Shih Tzu. The entire family of the breeders is involved in breeding, raising, and training purebred and designed puppies.

I found that all the dogs here are vaccinated on time and dewormed every two weeks. Also, if you are the dog’s original owner, you can get a Limited Health Guarantee for a year. Socialized, small, and healthy Shih Tzus from here are worth every bit of your time. 

I’ve included the breeder’s information if you want to approach them. 

Simply Sweet Puppies Breeder Information: 

  • Address: 343 Fetch Hill Ln, Birnamwood, WI, USA. 
  • Phone: +1 715-219-2587 
  • Email: not available 
  • Website: Simply Sweet Puppies 
  • Social Media: Facebook 
  • Price Range: $1500 for male and $1700 for female 

Tiny Tykes Puppies 

Another family-run business with over 50 years of breeding experience is Tiny Tykes Puppies. The breeders here are an expert in finding the best Shih Tzu matching with you.

I found that the breeders give you a health warranty for your puppy for three years. Also, the dogs are Vet checked, vaccinated, and pre-trained.

I also found that the breeders give you a set of training instructions for better handling your puppy. You can find purebred and mixed-breed dogs here. 

You can reach out to the breeders for more information and book your appointment. 

Tiny Tykes Puppies Breeder Information: 

  • Address: 2661 S Howell Ave. Milwaukee, 53207, WI, USA.  
  • Phone: +1 715-321-2340 
  • Email: tinytykespuppies@yahoo.com 
  • Website: Tiny Tykes Puppies 
  • Social Media: Facebook 
  • Price Range: not available 

Petland Racine 

If you are looking for a Shih Tzu coming from the finest breed quality, Petland Racine is the place for you. The breeders here traveled thousands of miles and conducted 14 breeder inspection tours to deliver the best Shih Tzu puppy to their clients.

Every dog here is in the best health, behavior, and temperament. You can choose from an extensive range of purebred and designer puppies from this breeder. You can save some money by making an appointment to visit this place. 

For scheduling an appointment or getting in touch with the breeder, you can visit their website. 

Petland Racine Breeder Information: 

  • Address: 2310 S Green Bay Rd, Racine, 53406, WI, USA 
  • Phone: +1 262-598-1201 
  • Email: not available 
  • Website: Petland Racine 
  • Social Media: Facebook 
  • Price Range: not available 

Willow Hills Lil Treasures 

These breeders specialize in Imperial Shih Tzu with beautiful furs and cute faces. The breeder’s main focus is on the dog’s health and behavior. There is a genetic disease guarantee for these puppies.

I found that the breeders prefer meeting you in person before you finalize your purchase. You can get the best Shih Tzu matching with your family from Willow Hills Lil Treasures.

It is fascinating that the breeders are available any moment to assist you in raising your furry friend. 

For an appointment or knowing about the breeding practices and more, you can contact the breeders or access their website. 

Willow Hills Lil Treasures Breeder Information: 

  • Address: Menomonie, WI, USA. 
  • Phone: +1 715-456-4925 
  • Email: not available 
  • Website: Willow Hills Lil Treasures 
  • Social Media: not available 
  • Price Range: not available 

Glen Y Gors Gagnon Riordan Shih Tzus 

Another breeder in Wisconsin where you can get AKC standard Shih Tzu puppies is this place. The owners here have been breeding Shih Tzu dogs since 2005 and have excellent knowledge about the breed.

I found that the puppies here are bred in a calming environment. The breeders ensure that the dogs are vaccinated and in their best health. The owner, Mary, can help you find the best Shih Tzu match for your family. 

You can get your dog delivered soon by scheduling a booking and an appointment with the breeder. 

Glen Y Gord Gagnon Riordan Shih Tzus Breeder Information: 

  • Address: Randolph, Wisconsin, USA. 
  • Phone: not available 
  • Email: not available 
  • Website: not available  
  • Social Media: Facebook 
  • Price Range: around $1400 – $1450 

Fantasy Shih Tzu 

Fantasy Shih Tzu breeder is a licensed AKC standard breeder with Champion lines in Wisconsin. The breeders train your puppies for potty, sound stimulation, socialization, and everything needed for good behavior.

I found that all the puppies are raised at home by the breeder who is a Vet too. I also found that the dog’s boosters are administered, and declaws are removed. You don’t have to worry about the vaccine shots and any congenital diseases too. 

You can approach the breeders or email them if you need more information. 

Fantasy Shih Tzu Breeder Information: 

Chrishaun’s Paw Prints 

Chrishaun’s Paw Prints is another Shih Tzu breeder in Wisconsin with purebred puppies. Every dog here is either AKC or APRI registered. You can find lively and family-friendly dogs here. They have both imperial and standard Shih Tzus of healthy weight.

I found that every puppy here is calm and mingles well with everyone visiting them. The breeders train the dogs with all the basic commands and help you in handling them once adopted.

They also tell you everything about your pup’s food, medical history, and everything you need to know. 

Visit the breeder’s website or contact them for more information and scheduling the appointment. 

Chrishaun’s Paw Prints Breeder Information: 

  • Address: Wisconsin, USA. 
  • Phone: +1 920-740-4901 
  • Email: mueller646@hotmail.com 
  • Website: Chrishaun’s Paw Prints 
  • Social Media: not available 
  • Price Range: not available 


This is among the best Shih Tzu breeders in Wisconsin with AKC standards. Here, you can find purebred and designer puppies. They are both hypoallergenic and make a great fit for every family.

I found that they are breeding Shih Tzu puppies for more than 20 years and have a state license for the same. The puppies here are raised at their home, making a great way to control their behavior and temperament.

Remember that the deposit you make here is nonrefundable. So, better visit the breeder’s place and verify the puppies before making the payment. 

For more information about appointments and deposits, you can contact the breeder or visit their website. 

DieterShihTzus.com Breeder Information: 

  • Address: Muscoda, 53573, WI, USA. 
  • Phone: +1 608-739-3530 
  • Email: dietershihtzus2@hotmail.com 
  • Website: DieterShihTzus.com 
  • Social Media: not available 
  • Price Range: $750 + taxes 

Sorenson’s Shih-Tzus 

One of the oldest and well-established breeders in Wisconsin, Sorenson’s Shih-Tzus has been breeding since 1994. You can find puppies and adult dogs for adoption here. All the dogs are AKC standard and grow in the breeders’ homes.

So, these Shih Tzus make a great addition to every family. The dogs come with dew claws removed, they are wormed, vaccinated, and healthy. Right now, the breeders don’t ship the puppies but you can get them delivered until a certain distance. 

You can approach the breeders or visit their website to get your Shih Tzu home. 

Sorenson’s Shih-Tzus Breeder Information: 

Dossmar Shih Tzu 

Dossmar Shih Tzu is an in-home hobby breeder with AKC standard dogs. This breeder has over 30 years of experience and can easily match you with the perfect puppy for your family.

The puppies are microchipped and vaccinated on time. I found that these breeders also have Champion Lines and are of high quality.

Since every dog is born and brought up in a home, you can find the perfect family dog here. You can lock your favorite puppy by paying a non-refundable deposit to the breeder. 

For more information and to contact the breeder, you can access their website. 

Dossmar Shih Tzu Breeder Information: 

Spring Green Pups 

Another home-based Shih Tzu breeder in Wisconsin is Spring Green Pups. The owners, Dusty and Brenda, hand-select smaller purebred and mixed-breed dogs for breeding.

The dogs here are hypoallergenic and can perfectly fit in with your family. The breeders take utmost care to socialize the dogs and keep them healthy. I found that the breeders are quite welcoming and can guide you well in raising your puppy.

You can know everything about the puppies, including their food, medical history, vaccines, etc. 

Reach out to the breeders to book your puppy by accessing the breeder’s website or contacting them. 

Spring Green Pups Breeder Information: 

Off to You 

You can find a healthy and AKC standard Shih Tzu in Wisconsin for around $2000. The breeders I’ve listed above are all licensed and breed puppies of the highest quality. But I suggest that you visit them personally and finalize your puppy.

Note that some breeders only allow non-refundable deposits. Some only accept a certain mode of payment.

So, check with everything like the dog’s health, its vaccinations, medical history, genetic history, and all that you need to know before registering your furry friend. Have a happy time choosing your cute little Shih Tzu for your family! 

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