7 Shih Tzu Breeders in Maryland (MD)

Shih Tzu puppies are known for their adorable looks and controlled behavior. They often socialize with people easily, making them a top preference for pet lovers. If you are reading this, I’m sure you need a puppy. 

Don’t worry, here’s a list of some reputed Shih Tzu breeders in Maryland who can help. 

#1 Ole Field Farm 

Shih Tzu Breeders in Maryland

Ole Field Farm is known for small canine breeds in Maryland. The breeder has decades of experience in breeding Shih Tzus and other breeds. Here, you can find both pure and designer breed puppies with sound genetics. The puppies here are trained for temperament, behavior, and socialization. 

The Shih Tzus here are spot on in their health and looks. You can also lay hands on imperial Shih Tzu puppies from this breeder. The pups are vaccinated, vet checked, and are looked after with utmost care until they find their permanent homes. 

You’ll need an appointment to visit the breeding area. You can contact the breeder, visit their place or check their website for it. 

Ole Field Farm Breeder Information: 

#2 Karla’s Shih Tzus 

Karla Lawrence runs this breeding area in Maryland. She is a home-based breeder and raises every pup on her own. You can find CKC standard Shih Tzu puppies here. Karla focuses more on the color of the breed. So, you can lay hands on adorable dogs from here. 

Karla is quite friendly and trains every dog for behavior and temperament. She uses different enrichment methods like household desensitization to help the puppies adjust wherever they are placed. Every puppy here is sound in health and comes with sound genetics. 

There is not much information about the breeder but you can check their Facebook page for required details. Karla will get back to you at the earliest with all the necessary details. 

Karla’s Shih Tzus Breeder Information: 

  • Address: Takoma Park, MD, USA. 
  • Phone: not available 
  • Email: not available 
  • Website: not available 
  • Social Media: Facebook 
  • Price Range: Around $1800 to $2000 

#3 Shih Tzus by the Shore 

This breeder is known to provide family-friendly Shih Tzus in Maryland. The breeders present AKC standard puppies from the Champion lines. They have years of experience in breeding and producing puppies with sound health. 

The puppies from Shih Tzus by the Shore come with excellent temperament. They are trained for their behavior and basic commands too. You can approach the breeders at any time if you need help in raising your Shih Tzu. I found that these breeders are experts in matching their clients with a perfect puppy for their match. 

You can contact them or visit their breeding area for further proceedings and book your Shih Tzu. You need to make a deposit (half the puppy’s price) to lock your favorite Shih Tzu here. 

Shih Tzus by the Shore Breeder Information: 

#4 Wind Horse Offering Kennel 

WHO breeder in Earleville, MD, is a horse breeder at first. But they now breed purebred and designer breed puppies too. The breeders here follow a selective breeding program to present healthy and loving Shih Tzu puppies. WHO Kennel is home-based and every breeder here is dedicated to raising the pups carefully. 

I found that the breeder breeds the dogs for size, soundness, disposition, and compatibility. You can find AKC standard Shih Tzus here. The puppies come with their first shots, regular deworming, vet checkups, and essential nutrients for the initial days. 

You can contact Jeanne, the breeder here, for booking an appointment. You can also access their website or visit the breeding area for the same. 

Wind Horse Offering Kennel Breeder Information: 

#5 Windsor Oak Farm 

Shih Tzu Breeders in Maryland

Windsor Oak Farm is a reputed breeder in the Maryland area known for toy breed dogs. They are professional and deliver healthy Shih Tzus for several years. The puppies here go through a selective breeding process to be hypoallergenic and low or non-shedding. 

The breeders get the puppies’ vet checked, dewormed, and vaccinated on time. They train your puppies for basic commands and provide you with all the information needed to raise your paw-pal. I loved the whole farming area and the environment where the Shih Tzus are bred! 

You can approach the breeders at Windsor Oak farm for more information or book an appointment to visit the breeding area. 

Windsor Oak Farm Breeder Information: 

#6 Blue Morpho Imperial Shih Tzu 

Blue Morpho Imperial Shih Tzu is located in the Baltimore area of Maryland. Dominique Green, the main breeder here, is a trained vet technician for several years. She provides Shih Tzus that are sound in health, form, and function. I found that the breeding area is in-home and all the puppies are of AKC standard. 

Dominique trains the puppies for behavior and temperament. The breeder uses several enrichment methods like sound stimulation, household desensitization, crate training, potty training, etc., to train all the puppies here. They are vaccinated on time, dewormed, and vet checked before leaving for their permanent homes. 

You can visit the breeder or contact her for more information and book your favorite Shih Tzu. 

Blue Morpho Imperial Shih Tzu Breeder Information: 

#7 Marlene Kenney’s Shih Tzus 

Marlene Kenney runs this breeding area located in the Edgewater region. Marlene is a small breeder with limited puppies. So, there is often an extensive waiting list for Shih Tzus from here. The puppies here are bred with sound genetics following the AKC standards. 

You can find healthy, socializing, and well-behaving puppies here. I found that Marlene is quite particular about her puppies and their health. The puppies are vet checked, vaccinated, and dewormed before delivering them to you. The breeder also presents a one-year warranty for the puppy’s genetic health. 

You can approach the breeder through Facebook or drop an email for further information. 

Marlene Kenney’s Shih Tzus Breeder Information: 

  • Address: Edgewater, MD, USA. 
  • Phone: not available 
  • Email: marlene356@aol.com 
  • Website: not available 
  • Social Media: Facebook 
  • Price Range: Around $2000 to $2500 

Over to You 

These are some reputed Shih Tzu breeders in Maryland. Before picking one, verify some details like the breeder’s registration, genetic and medical history of your puppy, the breeding area, etc. Try visiting the breeding area before applying for your favorite puppy. You can check with the breeder’s reputation too, for that matter. Have a great time finding a healthy and loving Shih Tzu that can be a perfect fit for your family! 

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