10 Pomeranian Breeders in Virginia (VA)

How great would it be to own an adorable Pomeranian! These pups are the cutest and the most loving breeds out there. They come available in different colors, including pure red and orange. You can consider yourself lucky if you can grab the rarest poms coming in solid colors like blue and lavender! 

Pomeranians, for many people, are usually white. Well, the black poms are beautiful too! Looking for one? Here’s a list of Pomeranian breeders in Virginia that can help grab the healthiest and the best quality breeds out there! 

#1 Pauley’s Pups 

Pomeranian Breeders in Virginia

Pauley’s Pups specialize in toy breeds and are located in the Ashland region of Virginia. They have over 25 years of experience in breeding different Pomeranians. They provide healthy and well-behaving pups to everyone reaching out. I found that these breeders specialize in matching the right pom for your family. 

The pups are grown in a clean and well-maintained environment, and the breeders take excellent care of their poms. They are vet-checked, trained, and have a controlled temperament. For more information, you can visit or Pauley’s Pups or contact them. 

Pauley’s Pups Breeder Information: 

#2 Puppy City 

Located at Winchester, Puppy City is another place to get your Pomeranian in Virginia. Every pom from here comes with 14-day illness protection, a year of heredity guarantee, microchip, lifetime assistance, vet checkups, and more. The pups here are of AKC standard and have strong genetics. 

The breeders are known to deliver healthy and well-behaving Pomeranians in Virginia. They also have a sound knowledge about the breed and can help you in anything related to your pup. You can approach Puppy City for more details or book an appointment. 

Puppy City Breeder Information: 

  • Address: 3343 Valley Pike, Winchester, 22602, VA, USA. 
  • Phone: +1 540-773-3831 
  • Email: not available 
  • Website: Puppy City 
  • Social Media: Facebook 
  • Price Range: not available 

#3 XO Pups 

XO Pups in Virginia is like a one-stop solution for finding your pom and raising them. They supply the best quality Pomeranians along with all the pet supplies as needed. They incorporate an intense husbandry program, expert training, and veterinary care to deliver healthy poms. 

Their triple-warranty scheme is an addition to maintaining your pom’s health for a lifetime. I loved the cleanliness here and the professionalism of the staff. The pups here are AKC registered and have excellent temperaments. They are trained and well-groomed before reaching their permanent homes. You can call or reach XO Pups for any information. 

XO Pups Breeder Information: 

  • Address: 14398 Chantilly, 20151, VA, USA. 
  • Phone: +1 703-378-7849 
  • Email: not available 
  • Website: XO Pups 
  • Social Media: FacebookInstagram 
  • Price Range: $1500 

#4 Country Girls Poms 

Country Girls Poms is a small hobby farm resting on Virginia’s east coast. Michelle, the breeder, has more than 20 years of experience in raising and handling poms. Her husband and daughter also take care of every pom here with passion. 

They provide a year’s health guarantee and a bag of food for your pup. The breeding standards are AKC, and Michelle is a state-registered breeder. She can assist you in training your pom and gives a piece of detailed information about the pup’s health. 

Best that you book an appointment soon, for there is always a waiting list with Michelle at Country Girls Poms. 

Country Girls Poms Breeder Information: 

#5 Stealurheart Pomeranians 

Owned and run by Margaret Johnson, Stealurheart is located in the Hampton region of Virginia. The breeder uses show rings and Champion bloodlines to deliver healthy poms. Here, you can find black, orange, white, and different colors of Pomeranians. 

The breeder has over 33 years of experience in handling Pomeranians in Virginia and holds AKC registration. Margaret trains the pups for behavior and temperament, takes care of their health, and gets the vet checks done on time. The poms socialize well and look spectacular! 

Margaret can help you with more information related to upcoming litters and anything you need about raising a pom. 

Stealurheart Pomeranians Breeder Information: 

#6 Racing Heart Pomeranians 

Pomeranian Breeders in Virginia

This breeder is another one to rely on when you are looking for Pomeranian puppies for sale in Virginia. There is not much information about them and no website. But you can check their Facebook page for all the beautiful poms in store. 

The breeder at Racing Heart Pomeranians, Amanda is a seasoned mentor too and can help raise your pups easily. She’s been breeding poms for many years and delivers healthy pups in different colors. The only way to reach out to this breeder is by applying for a Pomeranian. Amanda would get back to you once she receives the request. 

Racing Heart Pomeranians Breeder Information: 

  • Address: Virginia Beach, VA, USA. 
  • Phone: not available 
  • Email: not available 
  • Website: not available 
  • Social Media: Facebook 
  • Price Range: Around $1500 to $2000 

#7 Dee Little Pomeranians 

Dee Little Pomeranians are run by Christine and her family. Christine’s journey with poms started back in 2005, and she’s quite an expert in handling the breed. Her puppies have several achievements in show rings and come from healthy bloodlines. 

Here, you can find the regular orange coat poms at present. The breeders here are particular about the pups’ health and ensure their timely checkups. You can ask them for suggestions if it is your first time having a pom too. Christine breeds around 1 to 5 liters every year. So, you might want to book your appointment with Dee Little Pomeranians soon. 

You can check the upcoming litters and more details about Dee Little Pomeranians from their website. 

Dee Little Pomeranians Breeder Information: 

#8 Honeykist Pomeranians 

Honeykist Pomeranians breeder specializes in delivering Champion line poms of different colors. Located at the foothill of the Blue Ridge mountains, this place is known to breed family-friendly and socializing poms. The breeder, Christine, has over 20 years of experience and can help you with anything needed related to your furry friend. 

Every Pomeranian here comes with sound health and genetics. It is trained for behavior and temperament. I found that Christine is more into ethical practices and is known for breeding healthy puppies. You can find the Sire, Dam, and upcoming litter details on their website. 

Honeykist Pomeranians Breeder Information: 

#9 Silhouette Pomeranians 

Silhouette is located in the Hampton region of Virginia. The breeder, Elizabeth, has been breeding since 2002. You can find AKC champion line puppies at Silhouette Pomeranians. The breeders have studied a lot about the breed before beginning their business. 

You can find healthy and well-behaving poms here. Elizabeth can help handle your pups even while you are working. I loved the way these poms mingled with every visitor coming over. You can ask the breeders for anything related to the breed or your pup’s health. They maintain a record of everything related to every puppy here. 

Silhouette Pomeranians Breeder Information: 

#10 Simply Southern Kennel 

Simply Southern Kennel is a DOA licensed breeder specializing in designer and purebred dogs. You can find genetically sound poms from this breeder. I found that every puppy here comes with excellent health, behavior, and temperament. 

The breeders here can assist you with anything related to your pup for life. You can also ask them about your dog’s medical history, vaccination details, and everything you need. The breeders here are passionate about the breed and that surely reflects in every puppy. 

For more information, you can contact the breeder or book an appointment for your visit to Simply Southern Kennel. 

Simply Southern Kennel Breeder Information: 

Over to You 

These are some trustworthy breeders in Virginia who can provide you with a healthy and adorable Pomeranian. Please do your research and try visiting the breeder personally before getting your little one home. Try asking the breeders about the dog’s medical history, vet checkups, vaccine details, and everything you need to know right from the pup’s birth. 

Usually, you can find a Pomeranian in Virginia for around $2000. Don’t rely only on the price, and instead consider the breeder’s reputation, past reviews, breeding areas, their Sire and Dam, breeding practices, etc., to finalize one. Have a happy time in finding your paw-pal in Virginia, and feel free to drop in any queries you have! 

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