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When you are planning to introduce a dog to your family dynamics, it goes without saying that there are a lot of factors that you need to focus on. You need to focus on the prospects of the quality of the breed, the kind of breed that will best suit your home and even the breeder you will buy them from. This article contains all the information about Pomeranian Breeders in New Jersey (NJ).

Amidst all the available family home puppies, there is nothing that beats a Pomeranian. They are small, furry, cuddly and highly sociable with an active personality. This makes them stand out from the other smaller breeds because they make excellent buddies for kids growing up surrounded by their families.

If you are based out of New Jersey and are planning to buy a Pomeranian, we have just the right choices for you. Upon thorough research, we have managed to sort out the best Pomeranian breeders in New Jersey (NJ) worth looking into.

Pomeranian Breeders in New Jersey (NJ)

Following are all the best breeders to consider:

  1. Furrylicious Puppy Boutique

When it comes to designer dog breeds, there’s nothing that beats Furrylicious Puppy Boutique. They have been in the business for quite a few years, offering high-quality and healthy breeds of dogs. Furrylicious Puppy Boutique do have Pomeranian puppies available under their programs but you’d have to contact them regarding its availability. 

Pomeranian Breeders in New Jersey (NJ)

They specialize in small and toy purebred breeds, so you will never have to compromise on the quality of the puppy that you are paying for. All the dogs are bred in an intimate and controlled setting to ensure that nothing affects their health. Besides puppies, you can also find other toys and grooming accessories to purchase.

Address: 531 Route 22 East Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889

Phone: 908.747.4417

Social media: https://www.furrylicious.com/?utm_source=GMBlisting&utm_medium=organic

Email: info@furrylicious.com

2. Bark Avenue Puppies

If you don’t want an extensive but want to focus on more family-owned breeding businesses, we’d recommend looking into Bark Avenue Puppies. They are located in Red Bank and specialize in designed and unique puppy breeds, including Pomeranian. They have a well-organized website, which allows you to find the available puppies, look into the financing options too.

The breeder ensures ethical breeding and makes sure that all of their puppies are in their prime health after they are born. Besides the pure-bred puppies, you can also find a range of mixed breed puppies from them. For special requests, you’d have to contact them directly.

Address: 4 W Front Street Red Bank, NJ 07701

Phone: 732-741-4175

Social media: https://barkavenuepuppies.com/

Email: N/A

3. Shake A Paw Union

The Shake A Paw Union is a one-stop pet store where you cannot just buy your next Pomeranian but also get all of their required essentials, from their food to their toys. This is a breeding program cum pet store that caters to all the pet needs under one roof. They are very popular around the Union region in New Jersey. However, they don’t offer to ship the puppies across the state or country. So, if you plan to purchase one, you’d have to pick them up by yourself.

They also encourage shopping by appointment, which means that you’d have to book your slot ahead of time to ensure nothing goes wrong when you are stopping by and selecting the puppy that you wish to purchase.

Address: 2195 Route 22 West • Union, NJ 07083

Phone: 908-402-0381

Social media: https://www.shakeapaw.com/

Email: contact@shakeapaw.com 

4. The Pet Shoppe

Another popular family-owned and trusted breeder of Pomeranian around New Jersey is The Pet Shoppe. They have been in this business for quite a few years now and offer a range of amazing breeds of pups that you can buy as your family pet. Pet Shoppe do have Pomeranians, in case you are considering getting those.

They specialize in special, small and designer breeds along with large and XL breeds that you can consider looking into. Pet Shoppe also offer to finance, in case you can’t pay the entire amount in one go. So, you do get to pick up your pet and gradually pay off the money for them without needing to fret about it. 

Address: 1284 Highway 35, Middletown, NJ

Phone: (732) 706-5000

Social media: https://www.facebook.com/THEPETSHOPPEMIDDLETOWNNJ/posts/3130824110495980

Email: myspoiledpups@gmail.com

5. Wayne Puppies

If you are particularly based out of Wayne, New Jersey, Wayne Puppies are other popular and high-quality puppies that you can spruce up your life with. They are another ethical breeder that specializes in small breed, designer puppies like the Pomeranian, in case you are focused on them. They are based out of Wayne and Fair lawn, which makes it accessible to a lot of people.

Although they do offer playtime with the puppies before you pick up your choice, the same is currently not available due to Covid-19 restrictions. So, we’d recommend you plan a virtual visit with the breeder so that you can select the puppy of your choice.

Address: 1055 Hamburg Turnpike Wayne, NJ 07470

Phone: 973-832-7058

Social media: https://www.waynepuppies.com/

Email: N/A

6. Silver Nickel Puppies at Troy’s Trims and Treats

The Silver Nickel Puppies are another popular and highly acclaimed breeder around New Jersey that you can consider looking into. They are extremely popular with their smaller breeds but do take on special requests if you have any. The availability of Pomeranian is very rare with them, so you’d have to stay in touch with them to keep up with updates and availability.

Pomeranian Breeders in New Jersey (NJ)

Besides the rare breeds, they have some of the designed and mixed breed puppies like Morkie, Mini Dachshund, which are available throughout the year. They don’t offer puppy shipping, so you’d have to collect them in person.

Address: 85 West Englewood Ave Englewood, NJ 07631

Phone: 201-871-2040

Social media: https://www.silvernickelpuppies.com/

Email: N/A

7. Fashionable Pets

The Fashionable Pets are another popular and high-class puppy boutique around New Jersey that you can focus on. They focus on toy, small, and designer purebred puppies that you can pick up according to your convenience. Fashionable Pets also focus on breeding hypoallergenic dogs, especially when it comes to furry dogs like the Pomeranian. 

They have a very organized website, which is hands down one of the biggest reasons why they have gained the kind of popularity that they have. You won’t have to worry about the quality and health of the puppies at all. 

Address: 1 Garden State Plaza Space #B4 Paramus, NJ 07652

Phone: 201 368-7878

Social media: https://www.fashionablepetsnj.com/

Email: N/A

8. PuppySpot

With a whopping 4.5 stars rating on Google, Shake A Paw Green Brook is a very reliable and highly acclaimed Pomeranian dog breeder that you can consider looking into. They do specialize in a host of pure-breed and mixed-breed puppies, including bigger breeds like Labrador and Retrievers. All the puppies undergo detailed health screening after their birth, which again is a reason why they are so popular.

They also offer shipping options, so you can place an order online complete the formalities and have your puppy safely delivered to your doorstep without any hassle. They are trusted by over 200,000 families.

Address: 333 Washington St FL3, Jersey City, NJ 07302, United States

Phone: +1 866-306-6064

Social media: https://www.puppyspot.com/

Email: N/A

9. NYC Breeders

Although NYC Breeders are based out of New York City, we had to mention them down in this list. Since NYC and NJ are closely connected, it isn’t surprising that they cater to the New Jersey area too. They also work with high-quality and ethical breeders to connect the best and healthy puppies with the right families.

So, if you are specifically looking for a healthy Pomeranian puppy for your family, you won’t regret contacting them at all. They do specialize in a lot of breeds, including designer breeds, guard breeds, toy breeds, etc.

Address: 1622 Hart Place (Off Cropsey Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11224

Phone: 718-238-7387

Social media: N/A

Email: info@nycbreeders.com

10. Central Park Puppies

Last but not least is the Central Park Puppies. They are also based out of New York but you won’t have any issues accessing them if you live in New Jersey since the distance isn’t that much. They do specialize in special toy breeds and designed breeds. So, you will often find a variety of doodles and Yorkies on their page. However, they do have Pomeranians from time to time as well. All you have to do is contact them to get an idea about the availability.

We’d recommend booking an appointment with them to see the puppy before you consider buying them. They specialize in breeding high-quality pure and mixed breed puppies with optimal health and well-being. They don’t compromise on the health of the puppies, which is a positive aspect of their business.

Address: 650 Central Park Ave., Yonkers, NY

Phone: 914-207-7558

Social media: https://shop.centralparkpuppies.com/

Email: N/A


If you are considering buying high-quality Pomeranian puppies in New Jersey, we hope this article suffices all your questions and queries. Make sure you keep a check on the quality of the breeder, their testimonials before you end up buying the puppy that best attracts you.

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