13 Pomeranian Breeders in Florida (FL) | Moral & Loving Certified

Pomeranians are known for their affectionate disposition towards their owners, and they actually have excellent watchdog traits that make them even greater additions to any house.

However, finding the pomeranian puppies for sale in Florida can be a long and drawn-out process. Well, you can easily find some on Craiglist or simply on Google.

But finding quality, moral, and loving pomeranian breeders in Florida, or just about anywhere else, is a different story.

So, I’ve done the research, verification, and analysis of the best breeders and suppliers out there, and here they are. 

All of these follow AKC regulations, health programs, ethical breeding practices, and additional training/grooming services. Let’s get started.

Florida PomWinter Haven, Florida, 33880info@floridapom.com
Pom LovesCasselberry, Floridalisadiphone@yahoo.com
Florida PupsFloridacrystal.morrison@gmail.com
Florida Puppies Online2770 Davis Blvd, Naples, Florida 34104sales@flpuppiesonline.com
Florida Fur Babies24730 Sandhill Blvd, Punta Gorda, Floridasales@floridafurbabies.com
Angel Line KennelsPanama City, Floridaangellinekennels@gmail.com
TLC Puppy LoveJacksonville, Floridatlcpuppylove@gmail.com 
Alex Pomeranian Puppie1216, S.W., 2nd Avenue, Miami, Floridaalexpomeranianpuppies@gmail.com
Robins Royal Pomeranians580 Leeway Trail, Ormond Beach, Floridarobinsroyalpoms@yahoo.com
Petland Orlando EastWaterford Lakes, 453 N Alafaya Trail, Orlando, Floridawww.petland-orlando-east.com
The AKC MarketplaceFloridainfor@akc.org
Vanity PupsFleming Island, Floridavanitypupsfl@me.com
PomeranianvilleCantonment, Florida 32533owner@pomeranianville.com

Florida Pom

Florida Pom has one of the most comprehensive breeding programs when it comes to Pomeranians. 

For starters, their puppies live and thrive along with family members in the same home. And they get to socialize with children and other pets from the start.  

There’s a Pom nursery where new pups get groomed, dressed, and play with fellow pups in the safety of constant care. And an air-conditioned condo awaits them when they frolic out in the yard. 

Their pups grow between 3-9 lbs when fully grown, and they keep track of all their size and weight developments in every phase. And each puppy comes with up-to-date vaccinations and health certificates. 


Pom Loves

Pom Loves is owned and managed by Lisa, a trainer and hobby breeder. Her main focus areas are the puppy’s health and overall happiness.

She ensures that her Pomeranian puppies all grow up with outgoing personalities and pleasant demeanors to suit any family. 

She also works with breeders who handle her Pomeranians’ bloodlines as well as Pomsky breeds (mix of Pomeranian and Husky). 

And, she also offers puppy training and grooming services, which can cost anywhere between $45 and $1,500 depending on which services you pick. 


Florida Pups

Florida Pups is run by Joseph and Crystal Newman, who have combined experiences of having served in the U.S. army, the healthcare industry, and raising awesome pets. 

This husband and wife duo is incredibly passionate about animals and pet care. And it reflects in the quality of puppies they provide to their customers. 

Florida Pups normally have 20-30 different breeds of puppies for sale in Florida and beyond. But, no doubt, their Pomeranian puppies are among the most sought-after. 

Each Pomeranian puppy in their care gets treated to comfy spaces, organic food, and the best veterinary attention. 


Florida Puppies Online

Florida Puppies Online is a wholesome breeder that brings a personal, enjoyable, and loving touch to puppy breeding.

The center began as late as 2014 in Naples, Florida. However, the team had long been in animal and pet care before this began. 

They take pride in knowing each of their dogs on a personal level. And every puppy is cared for like their own before they find their new home. 

They have dedicated specialists for kennel management and care. And the local vet is entrusted with handling all of their shots, vaccines, and health care. 

The team ensures that all the puppies get a lot of playtime, interaction, and attention. So, when you actually take it home, your puppy is already socialized and ready to fit into your family setting. 


Florida Fur Babies

Florida Fur Babies is another breeding service that provides reliably healthy Pomeranian pups to its customers.

The service is run by a couple who both have experience in the healthcare industry and in animal care. 

While their Pomeranian pups are slightly more expensive, you get well-trained pups that are friendly and cheerful. As a result, dishing out a few extra dollars is well worth the purchase here. 

They also offer a 10-year guarantee for any hereditary or congenital conditions for ten years after you take in the puppy. 


Angel Line Kennels

Angel Line Kennels is a breeding service that prides itself on providing some of the best Pomeranian breeds. And the long line of happy and satisfied customers is a testament to Angel Line Kennels’ success. 

Angel Line Kennels is also a part of the Preferred Breeders Program monitored by the Continental Kennel Club.

This implies that they have to maintain very high standards of hygiene and regulations to stay in the program. So, you get Pomeranians of the best breed and lineage. 

All of their puppies come with the Florida Health Certificate and the Continental Kennel Club documents. 


TLC Puppy Love

As a family-owned breeding service, TLC Puppy Love is one of the most trusted and referred breeders in the state.

The welfare and well-being of the puppies are the top priorities for TLC. And they continually update their website with new breeds and puppies on a regular basis. 

Given the rush with which dog-lovers buy from them, most clients prefer depositing an advance to book their favorite puppies.

This also ensures that your puppy is well-looked after even before you take it home to your family. 

Besides Pomeranian puppies, you can also check out the wide range of other puppies they sell. These include purebreds like Shih Tzus, Poodles, etc., and mixed breeds like Maltipoos and Labradoodles. 


Alex Pomeranian Puppies

While technically located in Florida, this service has operations across the whole country.

So, you can still access their service from beyond Florida. For buyers from other parts of the country, this is a welcome provision for a breeder. 

They consider themselves as a community of pet and dog lovers. And their commitment is to ensure that the right families get their puppies from ethical and responsible breeders. 

Apart from Florida, they also cater to dog-lovers from Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Dallas, and Washington D.C. 


Robins Royal Pomeranians

Robins Royal Pomeranians is managed by a couple whose love for Pomeranians is almost unmatched in the industry.

With their first Pomeranian pet purchased about two decades ago, the couple decided to breed, raise, and train more puppies so that others like them could get the ideal pets too. 

They strictly follow all the guidelines issued by the American Kennel Club. And each puppy is trained and raised in the couple’s home. So, clients have no worries about these pups adjusting to life in their new homes. 

They ensure that all the puppies are de-wormed, vaccinated, in pristine health before you buy them. 


Petland Orlando East

The Petland Orlando East began as a small but dedicated pet store back in 2000. Based out of Waterford Lakes, they became a premium pet store with a state-of-the-art center for pet-raising. 

They have a strict regimen of requirements and criteria that they apply to each Petland puppy. This makes their Pomeranians (and other breeds) healthier, better behaved, and more friendly than many other breeders. 

As an established name in the industry, Petland Orlando East strives to maintain the highest standards of animal care, pet welfare, and breed quality. 


The AKC Marketplace

If you’re not interested in individual breeders, you can go for a trusted platform like the AKC Marketplace. Run by the American Kennel Club, you’ll find reliable and verified profiles of a wide variety of puppies here. 

Their Pomeranian pets can be new puppies or older adults given up for adoption. Either way, there are dozens of options to choose from on any given day. 

The only issue here is that the marketplace will feature puppies from all over the country. 

So, you may have to do some perusing and searching before you find your ideal pup. But with so many options to choose from, you’re essentially giving yourself a bigger chance of finding the perfect companion. 


Vanity Pups

Vanity Pups is based out of Fleming Island, Florida. And it’s a service that engages in both breeding and grooming of pets. 

The owner, Shirley, began the business as a way of saving time and costs of taking her poodle to the groomers. 

Over time, she grew it into a pursuit that helps pet-owners keep their pets pretty and hygienic and connect families with new pets. 

Vanity Pups works with verified breeders who follow stringent regulations in ensuring the health, safety, and happiness of the puppies before they’re given away. 



Pomeranianville is a breeding service run by a family of six members. The owner, Stephanie, began breeding Doberman as early as 1997.

They eventually moved on to Pomeranians in 1999, and they haven’t looked back since. 

Today, their purebred pups include everything from Yorkies to Papillons. But Pomeranians remain their all-time favorites. And you can see it in the way they take careful care of all their Pomeranian pups. 

They offer Pomeranian puppies that can grow anywhere from 4lbs to 5lbs. And a $100 advance can help you book a puppy that’s about 3-4 weeks old. 



While there is no shortage of Pomeranian breeders in Florida, the truly reliable ones are fewer and far in between. And scavenging through the hordes of online breeders is a tough task for any pet-lover.

Fortunately, I’ve done the boring part so that you can get straight to the fun part – choosing a puppy! 

When browsing through Pomeranian puppies for sale, it’s hard not to fall in love with every new pup you see. But I believe that there’s always a special one that’s perfectly suited to every individual and family.

And with this list, we hope that you find one that truly completes you and your loved ones. 

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