6 Maltipoo Breeders in South Carolina (SC)

Maltipoo is a designer dog breed, combining Maltese puppies with a miniature Poodle or a toy. These dogs always look like puppies even after growing up fully, and that’s what makes them more adorable! They are hypoallergenic and come in different colors. 

When looking for a Maltipoo for your place, I’d recommend getting it from a trusted breeder. You can find Maltipoo puppies quite easily from different pet stores and mills. But a breeder can give you a complete history of the dog’s genetics and medical health. They can also help train your pets too. 

A breeder can provide AKC standard puppies with strong bloodlines and all the necessary vet checkups. They can assist you in raising your Maltipoo, take care of its deworming, and get the puppy vaccinated on time. 

Have a look at these Maltipoo breeders in South Carolina to find your pup! 

#1 Logan Puppy Love 

Maltipoo Breeders in South Carolina

Logan Puppy Love in South Carolina is more familiar with a pet store. The breeders here specialize in providing small house pets and toy breeds like Maltipoo. They are professional, knowledgeable, and have an excellent rapport with the breed. 

They don’t take any initial deposits and no shipping service too. I found that the waiting list here is often full, and the puppies are genetically sound. The breeder trains the puppies for you and gets them vaccinated on time. You can also ask her for your dog’s vet records. 

You can call the breeder and fix an appointment with her for a visit. You might have to hurry because the appointments are also often full! 

Logan Puppy Love Breeder Information: 

  • Address: Westbury Rd, Bowman, 29018, SC, USA. 
  • Phone: +1 843-475-8189 
  • Email: not available 
  • Website: Logan Puppy Love 
  • Social Media: Facebook  
  • Price Range: not available 

#2 Crockett Doodles  

Crockett Doodles is another Maltipoo breeder in South Carolina, run by Dr. Nathan Crockett. The breeder here has excellent knowledge about the breed and has years of experience in handling them. The puppies here are of AKC standard and come from champion bloodlines. 

These breeders initially started off with Goldendoodles and now breed different puppies, including Maltipoo. You can find Maltipoo puppies in different colors here, including black, apricot, red, white, etc. The price of your pup depends on its color too. They take care of the dog’s vet checkups, vaccine shots, and everything needed before delivering them to you. 

The breeders at Crockett Doodles accept deposits to lock your favorite puppies. The breeders here understand and believe in finding the right match for every puppy and family. So, their deposits are fully refundable. Your puppy comes with different health guarantees and lifetime assistance from the breeders at Crockett Doodles.

Crockett Doodles Plus Breeder Information: 

#3 Cudi’s Buddies 

Cudi’s Buddies is located in Clover. Amber, the breeder here, has excellent knowledge about the breed and is breeding for several years. The dogs are bred through selective breeding by picking the parents with good temperament, strong genetics, and sound health. 

I found that this breeder also specializes in finding the right puppy for your family and vice versa. They use different enrichment techniques like socialization, early training, etc. The puppies are vet checked and vaccinated on time before their delivery. 

There is not much information about this breeder but, you can still check their Facebook page and book your appointments. Amber would get back to you soon with all the necessary information. 

Cudi’s Buddies Breeder Information: 

  • Address: Clover, South Carolina, USA. 
  • Phone: not available 
  • Email: not available 
  • Website: not available 
  • Social Media: Facebook 
  • Price Range: not available 

#4 Shihlhasa Luv Family  

Shihlhasa Luv Family is located in the Abbeville region. The breeders here are well-acquainted with the breed for years and deliver excellent Maltipoo puppies. The puppies here are of sound health and come with strong genetics. 

I found that the puppies here are known to socialize well and have controlled temperaments. You can ask the breeder about your dog’s medical history, allergies, and anything you need to know before taking it home. The breeders at Shihlhasa Luv Family are quite professional and respond quickly too. 

There is not much information about the breeder, their practices, or a website. But you can get in touch with them over a call, meeting, or leave an email for more information. I’m not sure if you can directly walk into the breeding area. You can confirm everything by contacting Sheila, the in charge. 

Country Girl Kennel Breeder Information: 

  • Address: Abbeville, SC, USA. 
  • Phone: +1 864-445-2316 
  • Email: sheila21059@yahoo.com 
  • Website: not available  
  • Social Media: not available 
  • Price Range: not available 

#5 Sunnyday Spaniels 

Maltipoo Breeders in South Carolina

Sunnyday Spaniels is an 18-Acre farm located in the Jefferson region. It is a home-based breeding area owned and run by a family. You can find excellent Maltipoo puppies here with good behavior. The breeders here specialize in sweet dispositions and the alluring beauty of their dogs. 

The breeders here use several enrichment techniques, including different sounds, situations, etc., to train your puppies. I found that every puppy here has a controlled temperament and social quite well. The dogs are vaccinated on time, vet checked and will have their worming sessions complete before the delivery. 

The breeders provide a puppy kit and proper guidance to raise your Maltipoo easily. You can approach them for more details about their upcoming litters and the pricing information. 

Sunnyday Spaniels Breeder Information: 

#6 Petland Summerville 

Petland Summerville is like a one-stop solution to get and raise your Maltipoo for life. Here, you can have a healthy puppy and all the necessary supplies to take care of it. Petland Summerville practices ethical breeding methods with knowledgeable breeders. 

The breeding area is quite spacious and is equipped with everything needed to raise a healthy puppy. I found that the breeders here get the puppies vaccinated on time and take care of their worming sessions. You can also ask them about the dog’s genetic and medical details. 

You can find food, a leash, and everything needed for your Maltipoo from Petland Summerville. For more information, contact the store or visit them at your convenience. 

Petland Summerville Breeder Information: 

  • Address: Bacons Bridge Rd, Summerville, 29485, SC, USA. 
  • Phone: +1 843-494-5210 
  • Email: not available 
  • Website: Petland Summerville 
  • Social Media: Facebook 
  • Price Range: not available 

Over to You 

These are some reputed breeders in South Carolina breeding Maltipoo puppies. Try knowing more about the breeder, their practices, and their reputation before finalizing one. Also, ask them for the vet, vaccination details of the puppy, and its bloodline information. Visit the breeders and their breeding area if possible. Not every breeder provides a refundable deposit. So, check everything before making the payment for your favorite Maltipoo. Have a great time finding the best Maltipoo puppy for your family! Drop-in any queries here or if you need more information. 

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