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The Dachshund puppies are a spunky dog breed that have a big dog-bark despite their little body. These puppies can be easily recognized through their long bodies and stubby legs. They have been a family favorite dog breed for years now.

If you have been planning to get a Dachshund puppy home, then our list of the top Dachshund breeders in Iowa can help. We are sure any of these top notch breeders would easily help you take some of the best Dachshund puppies for sale in Iowa home.

#1 DixieDox Miniatures

The DixieDox Miniatures are on reputed breeders in Storm Lake, Iowa, USA. Puppies have been breeding, grooming, and boarding pets since 1990s. They have some great little Dachshund puppies that love socializing. They pride themselves for providing their puppies with the best obedience training.

DixieDox Miniatures breeder information:

#2 Dixon Dachshunds

Dixon Dachshund is another trusted breeder located in Marion, Iowa, USA. These breeders offer AKC standard, long hair, and smooth Dachshund puppies for sale in Iowa. They provide pioneer pet adoption services to all their customers. We are sure these breeders could help you find quality and affordably priced Dachshund puppies.

Dixon Dachshunds breeder information:

#3 Dyer Farm Puppies

The Dyer Farm Puppies is also a reputed breeder in Salem, Iowa, USA. They are loving and passionate breeders that have offering quality Dachshund puppies for over 5 years now. They have healthy, good conformation, and genetically-fit Dachshund puppies available for sale in Iowa.

Dyer Farm Puppies breeder information:

#4 C Angel Puppies

The C Angel Puppies, a leading breeder of Dachshunds located in Woodbine, Iowa has been raising happy, healthy, and socializing puppy for over 60 years now. They are committed breeders that strive to offer their customers some of the best quality and well-tempered Dachshund puppies. You can learn more about them below.

C Angel Puppies breeder information:

#5 Squaw Creek Kennels

The Squaw Creek Kennels breeder is another famous breeder in Barnes City, Iowa, USA. These acclaimed breeders have premier quality designer and purebred puppies for sale. They are pioneer Dachshund breeders that strive to offer the best Dachshund puppies. With premier puppy qualities such as good conformation, good temperament, good healthy, and good behaviour.

Squaw Creek Kennels breeder information:

#6 Royal Dutch Puppies

The Royal Dutch Puppies breeder in Struble, Iowa is also one of the finest Dachshund puppy breeder in Iowa. They have been raising top quality purebred, mixed, and designer small breed puppies for over 40 years now. They are well-versed breeders raising healthy and sound temperament Dachshund puppies.

Royal Dutch Puppies breeder information:

#7 Heritage Puppies

Another breeders in Lake Hills, IA, Heritage Puppies has some authentic quality Dachshund puppies available for sale. With over two decades of experience, the Heritage Puppies breeder has been offering beautiful Dachshund puppies with great backgrounds to all their customers’ loving homes. These breeders strive to empower families with healthy, happy, and the perfect Dachshund puppy.

Heritage Puppies breeder information:

#8 DeJager Kennels

The DeJager Kennels is also an established breeder in Rock Valley, Iowa, USA. They are passionate and enthusiastic Dachshund breeders since 2014. They are responsible and caring breeders that strive to provide their Dachshund puppies with the best possible care. You will find registered, up-to-date, and vet-checked Dachshund puppies here.

DeJager Kennels breeder information:

#9 Pups On Hickory

The Pups On Hickory breeders are also pioneer Dachshund breeders in Sioux Center, Iowa, USA. They are specialist Dachshund breeders with over 30 years of experience in breeding. AKC registered and purebred Dachshund puppies available. They are family-owned breeders with a top line of Dachshund breeding facilities.

Pups On Hickory breeder information:

#10 Irish Eyes Kennels

The Irish Eyes Kennels breeder are also top-notch breeders located in Grand Mound, Iowa, USA. They have top line of Dachshund puppies available. The Irish Eyes Kennels breeder has been a top-notch Dachshund and German Shepherd breeder since 1992. They are highly integral Dachshund breeders with best quality puppies at affordable prices available.

Irish Eyes Kennels breeder information:

  • Address: Grand Mound, Iowa, USA
  • Phone: +1 563-321-6043
  • Website: N/A
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Email: N/A
  • Price Range: $1800

#11 Iowa Country Pets

Another State and AKC inspected breeder with great popularity in Bloomfield, Iowa is the Iowa Country Pets breeder. They are family owned and family operated breeding business that strive to raise healthy and happy puppies for the most loving family homes. They have up-to-date and registered Dachshund puppies.

Iowa Country Pets breeder information:

#12 Purebred Puppies

Another reputed breeder located in Joice, Iowa is none other than the Purebred Puppies breeder. Puppies are well-established breeders with over 24 years of experience. They have 100% guarantee backed and genetically fit puppies for sale available. Active breeders with some of the most time test Dachshund puppy bloodlines.

Purebred Puppies breeder information:

#13 Corn Patch Puppies

Dachshund puppies for sale in Iowa

Located in Bloomfield, the Corn Patch Puppies breeder have well-raised and family-oriented Dachshund puppies for sale in Iowa. They are passionate Dachshund breeders that demand great love and respect. You can reach out to them to find loving, caring, and genuinely phenomenal Dachshund puppies available.

Corn Patch Puppies breeder information:

#14 Helmuth Dachshunds & Doodles

Another breeder in Cambridge, IA, the Helmuth Dachshunds & Doodles is renowned for producing quality miniature Doodles and Dachshund puppies. They are well-versed breeders having amazing and absolutely outstanding Dachshund and Doodle puppies. They are recognized breeders with well-handled, healthy, personable, wormed, and vaccinated puppies.

Helmuth Dachshunds & Doodles breeder information:

#15 New Designs Kennel

The New Designs Kennel breeders in Rockwell City, IA are experienced breeders with premium quality Dachshund puppies available for sale. They are careful Dachshund breeders that greatly focus on providing the best nutrition, care, early-puppy socialization, snuggling, and playful Dachshund puppies. Their hand-raised and well-socializing Dachshund puppies would make the perfect fit for any family indeed.

New Designs Kennel breeder information:

#16 Star Creek Kennel, LLC

Knoxville-based, Star Creek Kennel LLC breeders indeed have the most well-raised Dachshund puppies in Iowa. They have beautiful, family-oriented, and licensed Dachshund puppies available for sale in Iowa. Their AKC registered and inspected Dachshund puppies are worth their price for sure.

Star Creek Kennel, LLC breeder information:

#17 Century Farm Puppies

The Century Farm Puppies breeder in Grundy Center, IA has been raising quality Dachshund puppies for over 25 years now. They are humble, family-operated, and family-owned kennel breeding business. They are USDA licensed and inspected Dachshund breeders in Iowa. Their well cared for and spoilt Dachshund puppies would make the perfect family pets any day.

Century Farm Puppies breeder information:

#18 Denning Farms

The Denning Farms is basically a family farm located in Houghton, Iowa, USA. They are well-versed Dachshund breeders raising their puppies with the utmost care, affection, and love. They are responsible Dachshund breeders that strive to produce happy, well-adjusted, and healthy Dachshund puppies.

Denning Farms breeder information:

#19 Coldwater Kennel

Another dedicated breeders located in Greene, IA are the Coldwater Kennel breeders. They are devoted Dachshund breeders raising and nurturing the most cherished companions for every home. These breeders have a complete range of AKC, ACHR, and APR-registered Dachshund puppies. You can learn more about them through the details mentioned below.

Coldwater Kennel breeder information:

#20 Kimberlee’s Kennels

The Kimberlee’s Kennels breeder in Decorah, Iowa, USA are affectionate Dachshund breeders in Iowa. They are responsible breeders raising their puppies for unconditional love, respect, loyalty, and pure excitement. They are highly established Dachshund breeders producing high quality and healthy Dachshund puppies.

Kimberlee’s Kennels breeder information:

#21 Whispering Pines Puppies

The Whispering Pines Puppies also is one of the finest Dachshund breeders located in Hull, Iowa, USA. They are small hobby breeders that deal in fun and loving Mini Goldendoodles and Dachshund puppies for sale in Iowa. They are USDA and State of Iowa regulated breeders that strive to offer the perfect Dachshund puppies for any and every home.

Whispering Pines Puppies breeder information:

#22 Puppy Stars

Puppy Stars

Last but not the least, the Puppy Stars breeders in Centerville, Iowa are no less popular. They have AKC inspected and approved Dachshund puppies for sale available. They have vet-checked, vaccinated, and dewormed Dachshund puppies.

Puppy Stars breeder information:


Now, that you know what all Dachshund breeders in Iowa would help you find the most ultimate Dachshund puppies for sale in Iowa. We hope you have all the information we have offered you through this article would help you choose the best Dachshund puppy for your home in Iowa. However, we would still like to wish you all the best so that could take home the best prized possession sooner than ever.

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