17 Dachshund Breeders In Georgia (GA) | Moral & Loving Certified

If you’re looking for Dachshund puppies for sale in Georgia, you have landed at the right place. Although there are many dachshund breeders in Georgia, finding a good (moral and loving) one is hard. 

Also, while these absolutely adorable, long-body, short-leg dogs are a popular preference amongst people looking for pets, it is not very easy to find one that is suitable for you.

The reason is that Dachshunds are immensely different from other varieties. They don’t get attached to people very easily, so if not trained well, they can create a ruckus when around strangers. 

In addition, due to their body type, their food intake needs to be monitored very closely. If not, they gain excess weight, which creates a lot of trouble.  

Regardless of that, they’re amazing dogs, so, let’s get down to finding you a good dachshund breeder in Georgia! (Scroll past the table for more detailed information about each one.)

Chances R FarmMaysville, GAmanager@ChancesRfarm.com
Puppy TrailsAdairsville, GAwww.puppytrailsga.com
Georgia Puppies OnlineMarietta, GAwww.gapuppiesonline.com
Petland KennesawKennesaw, GAwww.petlandkennesaw.com
Foxies DoxiesDallas, GAwww.foxiesdoxies.com
Mr B’s Dachshunds and CorgisAmericus, GAwww.mrbsdachshundsandcorgis.com
Regal Red DachshundsMonroe, GAwww.regalreddachshunds.com
Grandma’s Hot DogsPeachtree Road, GAwww.grandmashotdogs.net
Checkmate KennelsAtlanta, GAwww.checkmatekennels.com
Pleasant DachsDenton, GAwww.pleasantdachs.com
Spooner’s Miniature DachshundsGainesville, GApspoonhimi@aol.com
Watsons DachshundsLeary, GAwww.watsonsdachshunds.com
Newbern’s NuggetsBrunswick, GAwww.newbernsnuggets.com
MyGaDachsAugusta, Georgia and Atlanta, GAwww.georgiadachs.com
Brownwood FarmAlpharetta, GAwww.brownwoodfarm.com
Coastal Georgia Miniature DachshundsBrunswick, GAwww.coastalgeorgiaminiaturedachshunds.com
Willow Springs DachshundsWillow Springs Farm, GAwww.willowspringsdachshunds.com

Chances R Farm

Chances R Farm is a miniature Dachshund breeder in Georgia. If you like Dachshunds of small size, this breeder can be your go-to.

Their dogs are well-trained and easygoing when it comes to social interactions. 

One of the good things about them is that with the proper guidance of the breeder, you can train the dog on your own.

Chances R Farm is credible considering that they are state-certified. Buying a pup from them means that you’ll get a vaccinated dog. 

Moreover, to further ensure health and hygiene, they give deworming medications to their dogs. Worms are a concern when it comes to Dachshunds because of their long hair, so this one’s a plus.

If you fancy dogs as pets, you must know how microchips are replacing collars these days. They not only make it easy to keep track of your pet but also indicate any health issues.

Chances R Farm microchips all their dogs. Therefore, they are one of the best you can get your hands on.

Here are all of their details:

Puppy Trails

If you are not very well-versed in a dog’s health, you might want to consider Puppy Trails. They are a family-run business and deal in pure Dachshund breeds. 

One of the stand-out things about them is that their pets get bi-annual pet examinations. This keeps their wellness in check. Moreover, the dogs also get their first shots on time from a reputed vet. 

They breed miniature and adult Dachshunds. The owners are responsible and will ask you questions before finalizing the deal.

This is done to ensure that you are capable of looking after a dog. Afterwards, you can also ask them for relevant guidance on training methods. 

Here are all of their details:

Georgia Puppies Online

Georgia Puppies Online is one of the most popular dog breeders in the state. They deal in almost all the dogs, and you can trust them for a good quality Dachshund breed.

Their AKC Dachshunds are well-kept and available in sizes ranging from miniature (5-6 in.) to standard (16-32 in.). 

The owners make sure to provide you with all the details regarding vaccination and other health requirements. In addition, you can also avail of their nanny service for the dog.

Since they hold an official license and good reviews, you can totally rely on them to provide you with the best options for Dachshunds.

Here are all of their details:

Petland Kennesaw

If you are not really sure about what to look for when buying a dog, you can visit Petland Kennesaw.

With over 15 years of experience, they are one of the most dependable breeders you can go to for Dachshunds.

They go over all the general details regarding the breed as well as specific ones about the pet to help you decide better. 

The commitment to the wellness of the animals can be gauged by the fact that they take proper lectures by breeders and vets on animal health.

So they are one of the most credible Dachshunds breeders in Georgia.

Here are all of their details:

Foxies Doxies

Foxies Doxies are another high-rated dog breeder in Georgia. Their Dachshunds have all that you could possibly want in a dog.

The one hassle they save you from is that you won’t have to make the dog accustomed to being around kids.

They train the dogs well and make them friendly, especially towards children. 

The dogs receive four dewormings. Also, they are trained to crate and dog pad. They provide you with complete data on vaccination appointments and health history.

You’ll also get toys and collars that the dog is familiar with to make it comfortable at your place. 

Like responsible owners, they do a thorough background check of potential customers. So you can expect quality from them when it comes to breeding as well.

Here are all of their details:

Mr B’s Dachshunds and Corgis

Mr. B’s Dachshunds and Corgis is a well-known family-owned business in South Georgia. They deal in AKC miniature Dachshunds.

All the usual requirements for a pet are fulfilled. The dogs are administered all the vaccinations in accordance with their age. 

In addition, they also take responsibility for the deworming sessions. Usually, Dachshunds give owners a hard time when around guests or strangers, but Mr. B’s dogs are trained for that. 

Therefore, you will have an affectionate and friendly, healthy Dachshund when buying from them. 

Important to note that they sell dogs with limited AKC registration. This means that its litters won’t be registered. 

Here are all of their details:

Regal Red Dachshunds

Regal Red Dachshunds are based in North Georgia. They sell beautiful, healthy Dachshunds in red color.

Their dogs are a pure breed and trained for a variety of things. From displaying a good demeanor when around people to being trained for pee mat, they have got all you would need in a dog.

They have a questionnaire up on their site which asks for all the relevant information about you and your preference in a dog. This is done to make sure that you get a dog that fits your requirements. 

Here are all of their details:

Grandma’s Hot Dogs

Grandma’s Hot Dogs are undoubtedly one of the most reliable Dachshund breeders in Georgia.

They claim to breed the healthiest and the most well-behaved dogs. Their miniature Dachshunds have limited AKC registration. 

When giving you the dog, they provide its toys and blankets. They take care of the pee mat training as well. In addition, vet examination is a must for their dogs so you can be sure of healthy pets.

Here are all of their details:

Checkmate Kennels

Checkmate Kennels are one of the largest dog breeders in America. If you have any specifications regarding the size, color, type, and even age of the dog, we suggest you check them out.

All their dogs have names on the ABKC registration list. This implies that they are a pure, healthy breed. They also offer stud services and provide adequate size and design of stud for your dog. 

Here are all of their details:

Pleasant Dachs

Pleasant Dachs is another dog breeding business. They specialize in Dachshunds and breed almost all its varieties. In addition, they also sell studs. They train all the dogs for pee pads and vaccinate them as well. 

The owner has many years of experience in dealing with Dachshunds, and all of it reflects in their breed. Dogs are civil and well-behaved, so you won’t face many problems in training them.

Here are all of their details:

Spooner’s Miniature Dachshunds

Spooner’s Miniature Dachshunds are another popular breeder in Georgia. They raise AKC puppies and conform to all the regulations regarding breeding Dachshunds.

The owner picks the best parents for breeding, ensuring that the litters are also champion hounds. You can buy their dogs once they reach eight weeks or more of age

Here are all of their details:

Watsons Dachshunds

Watsons Dachshunds deal in AKC miniature pure Dachshunds. The dogs get all their vaccines timely.

It goes without saying that vaccine administration is done with respect to age. So if you purchase a puppy, you would need to get it the due shots on your own. 

Proper deworming is also done to ensure that no worms, bugs, or insects bother your pup. 

To add to this, they provide a full pedigree chart to guarantee the breed. For genetic diseases, a health guarantee is given too.

Here are all of their details:

Newbern’s Nuggets

Newbern’s Nuggets are an in-home Dachshund breeder in Brunswick, GA. Although they are a small business, their customers left many good reviews, which shows that they own good-quality breeds.

This reputation and popularity is one of the indicators of credibility. 

If you want to buy a puppy from them, but the desired size and type are not available, you can register your name on the waiting list.

They will keep you in the loop regarding your potential pup, and you can pay for its adoption once it’s born.

Here are all of their details:


MyGaDachs is a breeding program by Lisa Meyer. She herself had Dachshunds as a kid and is well-versed in dealing with them.

Although this business is not that old, the owner has a lot of valuable knowledge and relevant experience since her parents were dog breeders too.

MyGaDachs deals specifically in Dachshunds, and all her dogs have AKC certificates. Miniature longhaired Dachshunds of adequate weight and size are available at their shop. 

They make sure that the health and temperament of the dogs is up to the standard. This means that the owners take care of the vaccination, tests, and necessary measures as per the law to ensure a healthy breed. 

You can look up the available dogs on their website or register yourself on the waiting list. The prices vary in accordance with the color and size of the dog, but mostly they are inexpensive.

Here are all of their details:

Brownwood Farm

Brownwood Farm is run by two animal enthusiasts in Alpharetta, GA. They hold a word-of-mouth reputation amongst dog lovers in Georgia.

The reason is that their dogs are of the highest quality in terms of breed and health. 

They pride themselves as owners of Dachshunds with high temperaments. Some of their dogs also participate in the show rings. They promise healthy dogs at inexpensive rates. 

Here are all of their details:

Coastal Georgia Miniature Dachshunds

Coastal Georgia Miniature Dachshunds is another name in the list of top recommendations for Dachshund breeders in Georgia.

The general details are mostly similar to the rest. All dogs are a pure breed. They adhere to all the protocols when breeding Dachshunds, so you can completely trust them for a healthy dog. 

Since they are a popular business, they usually don’t have many dogs available. But you can always register on their waiting list.

Keep in mind that you need to pay to get on the list. Once the puppy is born, they carry out a vet’s examination to make sure that no health issues occur. 

The amount is non-refundable except if the vet declares any health complications.

Here are all of their details:

Willow Springs Dachshunds

Willow Springs is a family-run business famous for its wire-haired Dachshunds. They earned an AKC Breeders of Merit Award for the preservation of wire-haired Dachshunds.

You can rely on them for a healthy and civilized puppy. They rear all the dogs at home due to which they are friendly around strangers.

From vaccinations to regular health checkups, owners do everything to maintain the temperament of the pup. They usually have full bookings, and the prospects pay to register themselves on the waiting list.

Once a dog that fits your requirements is available, they contact you for delivery.

Here are all of their details:


Our post lists down some of the highest-rated Dachshund breeders in Georgia. When buying a puppy, it is paramount to go for a good breeder because it ensures the quality of their breed. 

There are multiple factors that we considered when choosing breeders for this article.

So we hope this list helps you in finding the best knowledgeable breeder who guides you on how to look after a Dachshund. Good luck finding a cute Dachshund to be your furry friend for life!

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