8 Best Boston Terrier Breeders In Georgia

Boston Terrier dogs are well-known for their friendly nature and adaptable traits. These curious and lively dogs with short heads, large dark eyes, proportional paws, and warm personalities make them one of the most suitable companions for humans.Despite their short stature, these dogs can cater to all your pet needs and it is thus important to identify a trustworthy breeder who can provide you with healthy puppies. 

Finding the best breeders located near you in Georgia may sound laborious: but not anymore.Here is a list of the 8 best Boston Terrier breeders in Georgia based on experience, reputation, quality, accountability, and excellent client reviews. We hope that this carefully curated list will narrow down your searches and help you end up with the best paw-partner that you’ve always dreamed of. 

#1 Kirkland Kennels

Boston Terrier Breeders in Georgia

Kirkland Kennels is a family-owned and operated business with experience of more than five years in the breeding field. This AKC registered breeder is acclaimed for its clean and well-run kennels, friendly and smooth transactions, and for providing the finest puppies available.

 Kirkland Kennel puppies come with a general health warranty and genetic health warranty and the required papers are provided along with the puppy. You can simply book an appointment via phone or their website, and can also subscribe to their free litter notification service available on the website to get notifications regarding the availability of the puppies. 

Breeder Information

  • Address: 6021 Western Cir, Macon, GA 31216, United States.
  • Phone: +1 478- 471- 7831
  • Website: www.kirklandkennels.com
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Price Range: Around $800

#2 Hidden Valley Farms

Hidden Valley Farms is a local business that promotes the breeding and sale of healthy Boston Terrier puppies in Georgia. This state-licensed business maintains sanitation and quality breeding under the inspection of the state of Georgia. 

The puppies are administered shots at 6 and 8 weeks of age and are sold usually at 8 weeks. They have an active facebook handle, and clients can check the availability of puppies through the page and book appointments for their favorite ones.  Hidden Valley Farms also offers face time for the clients to meet puppies that are up for sale, and can decide accordingly. 

Breeder Information

#3 19 Breeders

19 Breeders is another reputed Boston Terrier breeder in Georgia who is known for its excellent customer service. They maintain a clean and hygiene store where the customers can interact and play with the available puppies.  The highlight of the store is that they provide hypoallergenic dogs for sale. 

They provide vaccine records and other necessary paper works along with the puppy, and there is a 24/7 phone number available for all customer queries and paperwork-related inquiries. They are active in various social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube, and manage to update the social media handles weekly with videos of the available puppies. 

Breeder Information

  • Address: 1848 Old Norcross Rd, Lawrenceville, GA 30044, USA
  • Phone: +1 678-253-4081
  • Website: www.19breeders.com
  • Social Media: Facebook, YouTube
  • Price Range: $800 onwards

#4 Walker Kennel

The Walker Kennel in Georgia offers family-raised puppies since 1966. Originally founded by Connie Walker, the business is now run by his daughter and family. They offer quality puppies that are accustomed to growing in a homely environment. Licensed under USDA and Georgia Department of Agriculture State, they are one of the forerunning dog breeders in Georgia presently.

Puppies are shown only by appointments taken, and they can be contacted via text or call at the provided number. They maintain an active Facebook page where they update the availability of puppies and their respective prices.

Breeder Information

  • Address: 1714 WH Walker Cir, 31642 Pearson, Georgia
  • Phone: 912-327-8141
  • Website: www.walkerkennel.com
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Price Range: $400 onwards

#5 KD’s K9 Oasis

KD’s K9 Oasis is another family-owned business that has been producing quality Boston Terry puppies for the last 10 years. They are recognized for good health testing practices for Boston Terriers. They offer good temperaments, proper socialization, and daily care to their puppies. 

Their puppies come at an age of 8 weeks and are accompanied by a one-year health guarantee and additional benefits like a bag of food or a toy with the scent of their littermate. The clients can apply for puppies through a provided website or their official Facebook page. 

Breeder Information

  • Address: Clayton, Georgia, USA
  • Phone: 
  • Website: www.gooddog.com
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Price range: $800-$2000

#6Bindy’s Boston Terriers

Boston Terrier Breeders in Georgia

Bindy’s Boston Terriers is another well-reputed dog breeder available in the locality. They produce puppies with strict adherence to the breed standard. Puppies are available from 3 weeks of age onwards, and they come with a lifetime health guarantee.

The business is registered under AKC and CKC and is very strict about health standards. BAER testing and the microchip are done at 8 weeks. They follow Jean Dodd’s protocols of worming and vaccines. The availability of the puppies can be checked through their Facebook page or via text or call.

Breeder Information

  • Address: South of Chattanooga, TN, NW Georgia
  • Phone: 928-785-2393
  • Website: www.belinda341.wixsite.com
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Price Range: $600 onwards.

#7 RC Boston Terriers

RC Boston Terriers is one of the front runners of dog breeders in Georgia. They mostly provide puppies of 12 weeks old and are sold with training info, food, mentoring, etc. The puppies are given 1-2 sets of vaccinations before the sale. 

RC Boston Terriers are known for their professional nature and quality breeding and they deal with AKC registered litters only. They are widely trusted for quality health care, good nutrition, socialization, etc. 

Breeder Information

#8 KC’s Boston Terriers

KC’s Boston Terriers has been a reputed dog breeder in Georgia for more than 30 years. Under them, each litter receives an extensive examination from a local veterinarian. They produce healthy and outgoing puppies and provide necessary vaccinations before delivering the puppies to the client. 

Situated in Hall County, Georgia, they can be contacted through their official website and social media handles. Images, prices, and available dates of puppies are provided on their official website and Facebook page. 

Breeder Information

Take Away

Don’t waste any more time scrolling and exploring various pages to find a responsible and reputed Boston Terrier breeder in Georgia.  We value your time and thus made the job easy for you by making this one-stop solution for your queries regarding the Boston Terrier breeder in Georgia. We have considered all aspects of a good breeder and carefully conceived this list.

Hope that this well-curated list comes in handy for your pet needs. Make sure that you spend ample time choosing one of the breeders from the list and ensure the health of your new pet with the help of a veterinarian. All the best wishes for you and your new paw-buddy. 

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