4 Cane Corso Breeders in Minnesota

Cane Corso is a giant-sized ‘working class’ dog that originated in Italy. They have sharp pointy ears and short tail with long legs and a firm chest. They have sharply pointed ears and short tail with long legs and firm chest. Mastiffs are believed to be their ancestors. In Italy, they’ve been used for various purposes such as hunting, guarding, and fighting in wars. The word “cane” in Italian translates to “guardian.” 

During the two World Wars, Cane Corso was slaughtered and was on the brink of extinction. In 1988, they were introduced in the USA and classified as “working breed” dogs in 2010 by the AKC. They are not as popular as other dog breeds but have their own significant characteristics. 

Cane Corso is a brave, independent, and defensive dog. Their gigantic stature and rugged face make them look scarier. They’re indeed scary for strangers. But they’re really affectionate and possessive towards their owners. These dogs are ‘alpha dogs’ which means they need a leader to follow or they take control into their hands. 

Cane Corso sales in Minnesota

They might be not a perfect fit for first-time dog owners. But can be excellent companions for a passionate pet parent. Because of their high energy level, they would need to be adequately exercised to be mentally and physically healthy. Inadequate physical activity can lead to annoying and harmful behaviors such as biting, digging, and chewing. People who live in apartments or small houses have to re-think adopting a Cane Corso puppy. 

If you’re looking for a four-legged friend who will accompany you with your long joggings and walking, Cane Corso might be the best fit for you. Socializing and disciplining your Cane Corso puppy at an early age is vital. After proper socialization, these dogs will be affectionate towards children and even guard them in your absence. 

Cane Corso needs to be farmed under the right conditions unlike other dog breeds. Thus, adopting your puppy from the right breeder is crucial. You can find one of the best Cane Corso Breeders in Minnesota in the following list. 

1. Coffe Lake K9’s

Coffee Lake K9’s bred Cane Corso puppies for health, temperament, conformation, protection, and intelligence. They’re an in-house AKC-certified breeder from Minnesota. They’re renowned breeders who have been farming Corso puppies for several years. 

We’ve discussed these dogs’ destructive behaviors before. This breeder takes multiple countermeasures to eliminate these annoying habits and provides with us well-disciplined puppies. And the conformation and color textures of these puppies are extraordinary. 

Puppies are socialized with children, the elderly, adult dogs, cats, and other animals preventing their hunting behavior. The puppies are cultured along with noise, grooming, and household desensitizations. Puppies are trained to walk on a leash and are able to follow simple commands like ‘sit,’ ‘stand,’ and ‘stay.’  

The puppies are de-wormed and vaccinated from birth until 12 weeks and periodically checked by the doctor. The breeder offers the puppy a 2-year health guarantee covering all genetic illnesses passed down from their parents. Also, puppies are sent home with a food starter bag, a blanket with mom’s scent, a puppy collar and leash, a soft carrier bag, and a toy with littermates’ scent. 

Coffee Lake K9’s Information

  • Address: Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota
  • Phone: 218-451-0000
  • Website: https://www.gooddog.com/breeders/coffee-lake-k9s-minnesota?breed_id=66
  • Price: $1,000-$3,500

2. Roaring Hills Cane Corsos

They have been known for producing healthy and authentic Corso puppies throughout these years. They are knowledgeable professionals who excel in fostering these puppies. One of the most refined Cane Corso breeders in all of Minnesota. 

These puppies perform well in public and are of amazing temperaments. This is because of their patience and consistent efforts of socializing them with children, the public, and pets. These puppies receive Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) to ensure their better behavior. 

Puppies’ tails are docked and dewclaws removed to prevent them from any injuries. A qualified vet checks their health and gives the green light for healthy puppies. They’re also vaccinated and dewormed up to date. 

 The puppies are also ICCF registered original Cane Corso, champion bloodline breed. The breeder offers these puppies with an additional 1-year health guarantee. 

Roaring Hills Cane Corsos Information

  • Address: Lonsdale, MN (55046)
  • Phone: (612) 293 – 9217
  • Website: https://roaring-hills-cane-corsos.business.site/?hl=en
  • Price: NA

3. River Edge Cane Corso

River Edge Cane Corso takes pride in fostering the most exquisite and majestic Cane Corso puppies in the state. These puppies grow to become fine guarding dogs, and they’re alert, fearless, independent and obedient to their owners. 

The breeder trains these puppies to guard the perimeter at an early age. Due to their instincts, they quickly catch up with that and perform better guarding the house, fence, or cattle. They were also raised with horses, roosters, and other domestic animals. This makes these puppies develop protecting habits instead of hunting or hurting them. 

They have outstanding physique and conformation due to their healthy lifestyle. The puppies are well-checked and free of any genetic or hereditary ailments. The puppies are ready to leave to their forever homes from 12-14 weeks. 

River Edge Cane Corso Information

  • Address: 10945 200th St SE, Red Lake Falls, Minnesota 56750
  • Phone: 612-702-0932
  • Website: https://gypsygenetics.com/
  • Price: NA

4. Celtic Kennel

Cane Corso sales in Minnesota

Celtic Kennel breeders are breeding a ton variety of Cane Corso puppies. Black, black brindle, chestnut brindle, fawn, gray, gray brindle, and red are the litters’ colors. They have an incredible and stunning-looking dam and sires. Firm legs, solid chest, and punch face are their distinguishing characteristics. 

They give adequate love, care, and time to each puppy to ensure their mental health. They show good behaviors and pleasing personalities. However, they protect their owners fearlessly from threats. Puppies are grown along with other adult dogs and people, making them acclimate to the public with ease. To add, they are ICCF registered breeders. 

Celtic Kennel Information

  • Address: Southern, Minnesota
  • Phone: (651)428-5577
  • Website: http://celtickennelsmn.com
  • Price: NA

More About Cane Corso

Cane Corso is an almost healthy dog breed that doesn’t require much medical attention. But due to their massive body mass, they’re prone to hip dysplasia. And they are also prone to the following diseases ectropion, entropion, cherry eye, gastric torsion, and demodectic mange. 

They’re giant-sized working dog breeds. They’re not suitable for the apartment lifestyle, and they need a large place for them to exercise and train. Keeping them in tight spots can make them restless and can lead to aggression. They can be intimidating; thus, keeping them on a leash while walking is mandatory. 

They make the best-guard dogs. If you’re worried about your cattle or other domestic animals getting killed by unwanted predators, adopting a Cane Corso might be the best decision. But they should be properly trained to follow your commands, and they can also perform well with your children. 

Fun Fact: They have waterproof fur, and they rarely shed. 

To sum up

You might find it challenging to find a good Cane Corso breeder in Minnesota. But it is crucial to adopt your puppy from a certified breeder and a breeder who loves their puppies. These breeders mentioned above are loving, caring, and, more importantly, experienced professionals who know exactly what they do. Thus it will be a wise choice to adopt your puppies from one of these breeders. 

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