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Looking for a cuddly, affectionate and fun dog breed for your family? Standard poodles make amazing choices, not to mention that they are equally fun and one of the tamest dogs breeds you can introduce to children. The standard poodles are an amazing breed, when it comes to interaction and loyalty, something that many people look for when they are buying a puppy for themselves.

If you are from Florida and want to find an ethical and highly acclaimed breeder around the area, there are quite a few amazing choices to look around. Not just your staple pet stores but a handful of small-scale family breeding businesses that are worth looking into as well. 

This article will look into some of the best Standard Poodle breeders in Florida (FL) that you can contact to bring home the puppy of your choice.

1. Armely’s Standard Poodles

With 5 stars rating on Google reviews, Armely’s Standard Poodles is an option that has cemented its place in the Dundee area in Florida. Their poodles are AKC-registered, which assures the quality of the litters and the puppies that you get out of the process. There’s nothing that you’d have to regret indulging in at all. They have two dogs, Naya and Rocky, who produce the highest quality pups for you to choose and take home with you.

They are dedicated to producing a healthy and happy bloodline of puppies that can make their spot in the families. All the puppies are genetically tested and undergo health screening to match the AKC standards.

Address: 707 Roby Ct, Dundee, FL 33838, United States

Phone: +1 863-206-4645

Social mediahttps://armelystandardpoodles.net/ 

Email: via their website

2. Knight’s Standard Poodles

Standard Poodle breeders in Florida

Knight’s Standard Poodles is run by a family, who are hobby breeders and started this business to bring families close to funny and happy dogs. They are based out of Jacksonville in Florida and are dedicated to providing every family with the happiness of unconditional love in the form of a Standard poodle. 

Not only your family dog but their high pedigree of puppies can also be trained to become a service dog, show dog or just about anything that you want to indulge in. Besides the quality and health of the pups, they also have a delivery option. This allows you to contact them and avail of their services from anywhere around.

Address: 311-2 Blanding Blvd. Jacksonville, Fl

Phone: (904)624-9359

Social media: www.knightsstandardpoodles.com

Email: knightspoodles@gmail.com

3. Lifestyle Standard Poodles

Finding high-quality multi-coloured standard poodles is quite difficult, isn’t it? Lifestyle Standard Poodles makes your dreams a possibility. They specialize in breeding the unique breeds of poodles that you usually won’t come across in Florida. Currently, they have four dogs, Phantom, Sable, Brindle and Parti, all in mixed and unique colors.

Not only do they prioritize bringing you close to the best quality standard poodle puppies, but they are also part of the United Poodle Association since 2013. This enables them to maintain the integrity of their business and give back to the breed that brings happiness to so many people across the world.

Address: Palatka

Phone: 386-649-5280

Social media: www.lifestylestandardpoodles.com

Email: info.lifestylepoodles@gmail.com

4. Rising Star Standard Poodles

If you are from anywhere around Central Florida and have been looking for a high-quality standard poodle puppy for your home, Rising Star Standard Poodles is where you need to contact. They specialize in breeding AKC-registered and certified poodle puppies. Besides standard poodles, you can also find high-quality miniature poodles, sheepadoodle, Goldendoodles, etc. 

However, what sets them apart from their competitors is that they offer to ship across the United States. So, you can look at the litter, choose your puppy and then have them delivered to your doorstep safely without any risks. All the puppies are hand raised by the breeders with utmost care and love.

Address: St Cloud, FL 34769, United States

Phone: 407-747-4977

Social mediawww.poodleanddoodlepuppies.com

Email: N/A

5. Princetin Poodles LLC

Based out of Arcadia in Florida, Princetin Poodles LLC is another popular and staple name when it comes to Standard Poodle puppies. They are consistently breeding poodles based on the AKC standards to ensure every pup is healthy, along with the dogs. There are no reports or issues of mistreatment or force breeding here.

All the parent dogs are health tested and undergo genetic screening as well, to ensure that the litters are of utmost quality and have the finest pedigree. The parents are diversity tested as well, which reflects on the color variations and the quality of the puppies. The puppies are hand raised at their home and are sold directly to families. They don’t sell to pet stores or breeders.

Address: 9655 FL-31, Arcadia, FL 34266, United States

Phone: +1 863-244-9952

Social mediahttps://princetinpoodles.com/


6. Anna-Ash Poodles

Anna-Ash Poodles is not your first name or choice that will pop up when you look for Standard Poodle puppies in Florida. They are underrated but they stand out with the quality of puppies that you get access to. They focus on breeding Standard and miniature poodle puppies. Also, not just in solid colors, you can find multicolor poodles too, which is quite rare.

All the puppies sold by them come with the assurance of intelligence, elegance and excellence, something that you will never have to complain about in the future. They also breed the puppies based on AKC standards, which assure optimal health of the puppies and the dogs.

Address: Florida

Phone: N/A

Social media: https://www.facebook.com/AnnaAshPoodles/

Email: via their website

7. Ruby Red Standard Poodles

Ruby Red Standard Poodles is your answer if you are looking for dark brown Standard poodles to take back to your home. They are a family-owned and operated business, wherein all the dogs and the puppies grow in their home for optimal health, love and nurturing. All the dogs undergo genetic screening before the breeding process to ensure they are in the best of their health.

They will also finish most of the health screenings of the puppies before they are handed over to you. Also, the puppies get two rounds of their shots before they are handed over to their forever families. So, you will have everything sorted by then. All you have to do is take on the remaining processes from there.

Address: 13391 NE 43 Ln, Williston, FL 32696, United States

Phone: +1 352-636-9562

Social media: rubyredstandardpoodles.com

Email: rubyredstandardpoodles@yahoo.com

8. Pam’s Royal Standard Poodles

Standard Poodle breeders in Florida

If you live near Old Town and you are looking for a local family-owned Standard poodle breeder, Pam’s Royal Standard Poodles is your best choice. They have been in the business for quite a while now, connecting the poodle puppies to their forever homes. The best thing about this small-scale kennel is that every puppy gets the love they should receive.

Also, if you are looking for an AKC-certified breeder, they tick that off the list too. All the dogs are treated with care and undergo health screenings regularly to ensure that the puppies are born in their best health. Also, since they are ethical breeders, they don’t have a larger litter. So, their waiting list is often overbooked, so contact them before that happens.

Address: 122 se 902 st. Old town, FL 32680 United States

Phone: (352) 210-6149

Social media: pams-royal-standard-poodles.business.site


Email: N/A

9. Precious Poodle Puppies

Just the name of this business is enough to keep you hooked on the quality of pups that you will get from them. They are a large-scale breeder where you will find a variety of poodle puppies and types besides just standard Poodles. They do specialize in miniature doodles and toy breeds too. This is a family-owned business too, which is another reason why they are so appreciated in the local community.

All the dogs bred under their business are AKC-registered. They also undergo regular health and genetic screening to ensure that nothing compromises the health and quality of the pups. The dogs and puppies are never kept in cages in their business and have the freedom and comfort to do as they please. So, you won’t have to worry about mistreatment.

Address: Weston area

Phone: +1 954-274-0965

Social media: https://www.facebook.com/preciouspoodlepuppies/

Email: via the website

10. Poodles of Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay is quite a busy area, especially when it comes to finding good-quality and ethical breeders in the area. If you are looking to bring a high-quality standard poodle puppy to your home, Poodles of Tampa Bay is a pretty great option that you can look into. Besides Standard poodles, they specialize in miniature, toy and Moyen poodles.

They also offer Stud service, in case you are particularly looking for that. When it comes to the quality, pedigree and health of the puppies, there’s nothing you’d have to compromise about. They have AKC registration too, so your worry about the authenticity of the business can take a backseat as well. All the dogs and puppies are hand raised by the breeder and their family.

Address: Tampa Bay, Florida

Phone: +1 813-766-1126

Social mediahttp://www.poodlesoftampabay.com/

Email: N/A

11. Treasure Coast Poodles

If you are looking for solid or multicolor Standard poodles for your family, Treasure coast poodles can help you with the search. All the poodles they breed are pure-bred AKC-registered dogs, so the quality of the pedigree and bloodline won’t be anything you have to worry about. They also breed according to the AKC standards to ensure that everything is done ethically without any risks of force breeding or health concerns. The dogs undergo genetic screening before breeding.

Since they are quite a popular name around the area, don’t be surprised if their waiting list is often overlooked. The puppies range between $2000 to $2800 when you contact them. However, particular customizations in color will cost you more. Also, they don’t allow the breeding of their puppies, so make sure you follow their rules.

Address: 4581 SW Bimini Cir N, Palm City, FL 34990, United States

Phone: +1 772-291-7830

Social mediawww.treasurecoastpoodles.com


12. Emerald Coast Breeders

Last on the list is Emerald Coast Breeders. They are a family-owned breeding business that is spread out on one acre of farmland. This allows the dogs to have enough room and comfort to run around with optimal fun and freedom. Besides breeding, they also offer basic training to the puppies to ensure they fit right into your home and family.

They specifically breed Standard poodles, so you can directly contact them about their availability, color and the type of puppy that you plan to bring back home. All the dogs and pups are AKC-registered, so you get assurance of quality too. They deliver the puppies across the U.S too.

Address: 34122 Medlin Lane Lillian, AL 36549

Phone: 850-982-6884

Social media: emeraldcoastbreeders.com


If you are particularly looking for the best Standard Poodles breeders in Florida, we hope this article tends to all your queries. All the mentioned breeders in this list are certified, trusted and experienced, so you will never have to compromise on the quality of the pups you bring home.

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